Cambria Wedding in a RED DRESS!!!

Published By; Maggie Sottero & Robin’s Restaurant, Cambria, California
Photographer; Peer Johnson (contact me here)
Ceremony; Moonstone Beach, Cambria, California
Wedding Dress; Maggie Sottero
Cocktails; El Colibiri Boutique Hotel & Spa, Cambria, California
Reception; Robin’s Restaurant, Cambria, California

For me this shot works (Apparently it works for Robin’s Restaurant cuz they bought it & put it on the cover of their new Wedding brochure. Maggie Sottero has another of the Bride on her website as well.), it’s just great. We had shot a ssshhbang of pics; in the street, on the beach, at El Colibri Hotel and we were all done with the “formal, or as formal as I get” photo’s. They were just about to turn the corner & make their entrance into the garden at Robin’s Restaurant on a gorgeous October evening. After the shot, I backed away & they turned the corner as husband & wife for the first time in front of legions of their friends & family…priceless;)