Ventana Inn Wedding, Big Sur

September 12, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was honored to shoot an intimate-classy destination wedding for a very special couple at the beautiful Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur California. Coincidentally Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied had their wedding reception at the very same spot only a week before – I found no black feathers anywhere. Update, Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman just had their reception at The Ventana Inn & Spa – guess the place is going to become pretty popular in the future;)

Ventana Inn Spa Wedding

Ventana Inn Wedding
A beautiful dress, beautiful light, a beautiful pose, a beautiful background & of course a beautiful bride.

Wedding at Ventana Inn

Ventana Inn Wedding with Restaurant at Ventana Reception

Ventana Inn

The happy couple, family & friends had traveled a long way and they weren’t disappointed. The ceremony was on a private-cute little terrace featuring forever views – drinks & dinner following. (There are 2 wedding sites at the Ventana Inn, this one took place at the smaller one.)

Ventana Inn & Spa Weddings

Wedding at Ventana Inn

 Wedding at Ventana Inn & Spa

A very special moment…

Big Sur Coast Wedding
Forever views abound as the ocean & mountains unfold down the coast.
Ventana Inn & Spa Wedding
A Ventana Inn Wedding, always a great idea;)

Ventana Inn 112

Ventana Inn 127
There are no “photo rules” among family & friends. But seriously, we always do a nice one before the “fun” one.

Ventana Inn & Spa Restaurant
A view of The Restaurant at Ventana, Big Sur.
Restaurant at Ventana
The Patio at The Restaurant at Ventana

Ventana Inn 115

Ventana Inn 116

The patio overlooking the pacific features complete privacy, unobstructed views for miles & is positioned in a part of Big Sur that’s sheltered from the ocean wind. The food, service & Big-Sur-modern architecture are as good as it gets;)

Ventana Inn Spa Wedding
Ventana Inn Wedding


Ventana Inn 118

Ventana Inn 119

One of the mom’s is in the wedding biz. Her styling was spot on! Gotta love it;)

Ventana Inn 123
Hors Devours!

Ventana Inn 122

Ventana Inn 121

Ventana Inn 120

Ventana Inn & Spa Table Setting
The table arrangements & flowers were gorgeous. Service by the staff at The Restaurant at Ventana was top-notch.

Ventana Inn 124

The endless views stunned the guests during cocktails. Occasionally we have high clouds above the marine layer far below. There is a point during sunset when the sun falls between the high clouds and the horizon. A beautiful beam of golden light cuts across the ocean, hitting the Santa Lucia Mountains for one last time. One of the guests remarked it’s called “Aspenglow”; also the title of a bad John Denver song.

Ventana Inn Panoramic View
Ventana Inn & Spa Panorama View 1 of 4

The image above & the next 3 are part of a 360 degree collage (Hockneyesque panorama) from the patio of The Restaurant at Ventana.

Panorama View at Ventana Inn Spa
Ventana Inn & Spa Panorama View 2 of 4
Ventana Inn Panorama View
Ventana Inn & Spa Panorama View 3 of 4
Panorama View at Ventana Inn Spa
Ventana Inn & Spa Panorama View 4 of 4

Ventana Inn 125

Ventana Inn 126
Ventana Inn 128
Ventana Inn 129

From my website the Bride & Groom had learned that I am the proud owner of an incorrigible Australian Cattle Dog a.k.a a Blue Heeler. The couple & their families have had 8+ of these wonderful dogs over the years and missed theirs terribly. They begged me to bring mine on to the patio for a pic;) I asked the manager first of course.

Ventana Inn Wedding Bridemaids With A Dog
“Tubby the Heeler” mobs the Bridemaids! They loved it, apparently my pup looks just like theirs! No Bridesmaids were harmed during the taking of this photo, they might have gotten some crumbs on them though!

Photographer; Peer Johnson (contact me here)
Ceremony & Accommodations; Ventana Inn & Spa
Cocktails, Dinner & Reception; The Restaurant at Ventana