Point 16 Big Sur Wedding

October 12, 2012

With the recent weddings of Natalie Portman & Anne Hathaway, the south coast of Big Sur is becoming all the rage. I was fortunate to shoot a wedding at the exact same place where both had their receptions, right in between the 2 superstars weddings!

Nevertheless, there is an equally majestic, awe inspiring venue halfway between Cambria & Big Sur proper, called simply “Point 16”. It’s rolling lawns & beautiful vistas lead to an unrivaled ceremony site on a “finger”, or small ridge, that extends out into the abyss. This perfectly-placed natural ceremony site features stunning views of the Big Sur coast that unfold for over a dozen miles.

Big Sur Wedding Venues
Ceremony site at Point 16, Big Sur.
Big Sur Wedding Point 16
A beautiful bride in Big Sur.

I have to say that this couple is now very near & dear to our hearts. During the course of helping them work out the details of their big day, my wife & I found that we share a lot of similar hopes, desires & goals. My wonderful wife, Rhonda, did hair & makeup on the big day – awesome as always.

Big Sur River Inn
River Inn Big Sur, gorgeous spot;)

Big Sur Bouquet

Big Sur River Inn Wedding

big sur venue

big sur wedding

Point 16 Big Sur Wedding

Point 16 Wedding Venue2

Point 16 Wedding Venue3

Point 16 Wedding Venue4

Point 16 Wedding Venue5

Point 16 Wedding

Point 16 Wedding Venue

Big Sur River Inn

Big Sur River Inn1

Point 16 Big Sur Venue

Pt 16 Wedding

Pt 16 Wedding 1

Pt 16 Wedding 2

Pt 16 Wedding 3

Pt 16 Wedding 4
The guy in front on the ground gets the door prize. It’s funny, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a group that didn’t want to do a fun photo after the nice one. It’s always pretty hilarious;)

Point 16 Big Sur10

Cheri Gladstone’s A Big Sur Affair Catering did an incredible job with locally-sourced, sustainable, uber fresh produce & entree’s. The meal was served family style with plated salads prior.

Point 16 Big Sur11

Point 16 Big Sur12

Point 16 Big Sur13

Big Sur Bakery Bread
Bread from “The Bakery”, insane as always;)


Point 16 Big Sur15

Point 16 Big Sur20

Point 16 Big Sur21

Point 16 Big Sur22

A glorious sunset on a warm summer night, perfect!

Point 16 Big Sur23

There’s a great fire-pit right in the middle of the lawn. Hosts light it up while furnishing blankets & chairs for all the guests. It’s like camping, the right way;)

Point 16 Big Sur24

Point 16 Evening

Point 16 Big Sur25

A starry night looking south toward Cape San Martin, past Pacific Valley, Kirk Creek & Plaskett Creek Campgrounds. There are virtually no city lights within 100 miles. Pretty awesome.

Photographer; Peer Johnson (contact me here)
Makeup & Hair; Rhonda Johnson (my wonderful wife)
Ceremony & Reception; Point 16 Big Sur (Cheri Gladstone with A Big Sur Affair Catering handles the property)
Cocktails & Dinner; A Big Sur Affair Catering
DJ – Entertainment; Chris Bailey from Bailey DJ’s (a true pro)
The Bride’s Dress; Martina Liana, Grooms suit; J.Crew
Floral Arrangements; Elisha Jaffee-Truitt
Accommodations; Big Sur River Inn