Vina Robles Winery Wedding & Korean Paebaek Ceremony!

February 27, 2012

Photographer; Peer Johnson(contact me here)
Hair & Makeup; Rhonda Johnson(my wonderful wife)
Ceremony & Reception; Vina Robles Winery & Vineyard

Korean Paebaek Ceremony; Currently searching for the company – stay tuned!
Floral Design; D and D Floral Design

Another awesome mid-winter wedding at Vina Robles Winery & Vineyards in beautiful Paso Robles California. If everyone is traveling for the holidays, why not head somewhere nice like a great winery in Paso Robles? The ceremony was held in the Art Gallery at Vina Robles with the reception following in the hall. The floral decorations were top-notch and the Korean Paebaek Ceremony was an incredibly neat experience (see shots at the bottom of this post), and at points very, very funny;)

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Korean Paebaek Ceremony 100

Put simply, the Korean Paebaek Ceremony symbolizes the joining of the families, rather than just the individuals. The happy couple has tea, then shows their respect for their new families. The grandparents & parents offer advice which makes for some very funny moments as the ladies & gents had different perspectives on what it takes to make a marriage a success. The parents throw dates & chestnuts onto a part of the brides robe in an effort to predict the number & sex of their future offspring. Yes, the chestnuts predict the number of boys & the dates predict the number of girls. Hilarious.

Korean Paebaek Ceremony
Korean Paebaek Ceremony Pictorial

Korean Paebaek Ceremony

Korean Paebaek Ceremony

Korean Paebaek Ceremony

Korean Paebaek Ceremony

Korean Paebaek Ceremony

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